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Scaffolding Accident Claims

Scaffolding accidents can cause serious injuries

Although jobs in construction carry more risk of injury than some other industries, you still have the right to feel safe while you’re at work.

After suffering from an injury, it’s easy to think it’s just a risk of your job – but the reality is that a lot of workplace accidents can be avoided if your employer follows health and safety rules to keep you safe.

Unfortunately, scaffolding accidents can be life-changing. Because of the height, a simple trip on a loose board can cause serious injuries.

We know how depressing it can feel to be stuck at home because of an injury – especially if you were just trying to get on with your job when it happened. You might not be sure how long your recovery will take, and if you’re off work then not knowing can be very stressful.

Making a compensation claim with an experienced injury solicitor is simple, and it’s the best way to make sure you have the money you need to pay for your bills and lost earnings while you recover. It can also cover medical treatment and any other costs caused by your injury.

There’s no obligation to make a claim when you speak to a trained legal adviser, so if you’d just like more information you can get in touch with one on 0800 234 6438 for free. Or, if you’d prefer, you can fill in one of the contact forms on this page and they’ll give you a call back.

Causes of scaffolding accidents

We’ve given some examples of types of scaffolding accidents below – but don’t worry if your incident isn’t listed here. If it happened in the last three years and you think it was somebody else’s fault, then it’s likely you’ll be able to seek help you make a compensation claim.


Scaffolding should be erected by trained professionals. If it’s not put up correctly, then it can collapse, causing injuries to the workers on the scaffolding at the time, as well as pedestrians or passers-by who might be hit by falling objects.

Your employer should carry out regular checks to make sure the structure is safe – for example, it might have been weakened by bad weather or alterations.

Falls from height

Falls from height can happen because of missing handrails or faulty equipment. In some cases, you might have needed a harness – if your employer didn’t provide you with one, then you may also be able to make a claim.

Slips or trips

Slips, trips and falls can happen if objects or tools are left lying around on scaffolding. Or uneven boards can cause you to trip, especially if you’re carrying other objects at the same time.

Bad weather conditions can also lead to slips, trips and falls, as surfaces might become slippery in very wet or icy conditions, and winds can be especially strong.

Your employer should keep you safe

Lots of people blame themselves after an accident, but all employers have a legal duty of care to keep you as safe as possible while you’re at work.

If you use scaffolding as part of your job, then your employer should give you personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a hard hat or harness.

They should also carry out risk assessments to make sure they’re taking any potential dangers into consideration, and should then put measures in place to avoid accidents from happening.

There are three main pieces of legislation which your employer has to follow when it comes to scaffolding safety:

If your employer hasn’t followed health and safety rules, then it’s likely you’ll be able to make a claim if you’ve been injured in a scaffolding accident. If you’re feeling unsure, you can get in touch with a trained legal adviser on 0800 234 6438 and they’ll be able to let you know whether they think you can make a case.

What’s involved in making a scaffolding injury claim?

We know making a work accident claim might seem like an added stress at an already difficult time. You’ve been through enough already, so when you start your claim with an expert solicitor, they do everything they can to make the process as straight-forward as possible.

That starts when you get in touch with a trained legal adviser on 0800 234 6438. They’ll ask some questions about your injury to get a clearer idea of what happened and will then be able to let you know whether they think you’ll be able to make a successful case.

Then, if you decide you’d like to go ahead with your claim, they’ll find the right solicitor for your case and will usually be able to put you in touch with them straight away.

Your solicitor will let the negligent party know about your claim – they’ll then negotiate so that you’re covered for the costs and effects your injury has had on your life and those around you.

If your case is successful, then your compensation will be paid by your employer’s ‘liability insurance’, not by them personally – so you don’t have to worry about leaving them with a bill they can’t afford.

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