Serious Accident Injury Claims

Making a claim following a serious accident

In some ways, the basic principles behind making a claim for compensation remain the same whether the accident in question was trivial and small or serious. Put simply – you’ve been hurt, and it wasn’t your fault. What’s more, it wasn’t merely a matter of bad luck, either, in which case it could be shrugged off as one of those things. You’ll only receive compensation if the thing which caused your injury – be it an accident or a long term situation – is deemed to have happened because someone else was negligent. At heart it’s about fairness; you’ve already paid for someone else’s mistakes, why should you carry on paying?

Often, it’s this simple principle, rather than any monetary pay-off, which people are thinking of when they claim compensation. They want an acknowledgement of the fact that they’ve been wronged and perhaps an apology. The money received represents a concrete manifestation of this acknowledgement, whilst also ensuring they don’t go on paying financially as well as physically and mentally. In the event of more serious injuries, this principle is underlined with the need to claim the money you’ll need to live the rest of your life.

DID YOU KNOW: Statistics collected by the Health & Safety Executive show that 137 people were killed in serious accidents at work in 2016/17, with 175,000 people suffering injuries that required more than 7 days off work.

The effects of a serious accident

If you’re involved in a serious car accident which is someone else’s fault, for example, and lose one or both of your legs, then it’s going to have a massive effect upon every area of your life. Not only will it be a huge psychological hurdle to get over, but it will also mean having to adapt things like the place in which you live, how you travel about and what you do for a living. Indeed, a serious injury of this kind may make it impossible for you to continue earning a living, or might greatly reduce the amount you can bring in. In that case, it’s simply not right that you, and your immediate family, should have financial worries piled on top of all your other concerns.

Contact a personal injury lawyer

If you’ve been seriously injured and it was caused by negligence, then your personal injury lawyer will do their best, working without any up-front fee, to build a case strong enough to win compensation. The more information you can provide, the better, since these facts – details such as when and where the accident took place, who witnessed it, what exactly happened – will be the building blocks of your case, alongside evidence from witnesses and experts such as doctors and the police.

If you’re awarded compensation it will be calculated in two separate parts. The first of these, general damages, will be based upon the severity and type of your injury – figures will be drawn from the government published Judicial College Guidelines, which lists amounts such as £48,080 to £57,590 for the loss of an eye.

Other factors borne in mind will be the impact placed upon your general quality of life, the cost of on-going care and an estimate of the earnings you might have lost. As can be seen, this half of the calculation is open to a degree of interpretation and will vary depending upon the specifics of your case and your pre-injury capabilities. The second part of the calculation, special damages, is easier to predict since it is made up of immediate expenses such as the cost of medical help, travel and days taken off work. Taken together, all of this will be used to come up with a figure means the injury won’t, ultimately, leave you any worse off. After a serious injury your life will clearly never be the same again, but a just and fair compensation settlement will help to ensure you have everything you need to make the fullest possible recovery.

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