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Broken Bone Claims Advice

Breaking a bone in an accident

If you think back through your life to all the times that you’ve tripped and fallen over, the chances are that, in the vast majority of cases you simply jumped right back up and worried more about your bruised ego than anything else. In cases like those, even if the fall was caused because somebody had failed to clear up a spillage on a tiled floor, the chances are that you wouldn’t have even thought about wanting to be compensated, having suffered no significant injury.

Every now and again, however, people are not quite so lucky, and a fall results in a broken/fractured bone. It may be that you put your arms out to break your fall and ended up breaking your wrist, or simply landed badly and snapped a bone in your arm.

No matter what the circumstances – slip, car accident or sporting injury – a broken bone is a pain in more ways than one. To begin with you’ll need to seek urgent medical help and will end up wearing a cumbersome plaster cast. In the simplest cases, a broken bone will take six to eight weeks to heal and not all cases are that simple. A broken bone might require an operation to reset it, pins to help it heal and therapy afterwards to improve the strength in the limb.


Broken bones caused by negligence

If all of this is happening because someone else was negligent then you’ve got every right to think about making a claim for compensation. If a train station cleaned a floor, for example, and didn’t put up a sign warning that it was wet, then they failed in their duty of care to you, and it’s their fault that you’re now in pain and requiring treatment.

Of course, the vast majority of broken bones heal perfectly well and you can pick up your life as before but, in the meantime, your arm being in plaster may have a hugely detrimental effect upon your ability to earn a living. It doesn’t seem fair that you should have to bear the brunt of this financial loss, particularly as it wasn’t your fault that you broke your arm.

In these difficult financial times we all hear stories of how someone can be plunged into deep financial problems by simply missing a few weeks of work. A broken bone could have that effect upon you unless you take the decision to make a claim for compensation.

Getting compensation for a broken bone

A successful no win no fee claim will mean showing that you were injured in an accident or incident, and that the accident in question was caused by someone else acting in a negligent manner. The money you receive won’t only be intended to recognise the pain and discomfort you’ve been put through, it will also make sure that you don’t end up suffering from any financial problems. A broken bone may seem, at first, like a fairly small problem but the knock on effects can be huge, especially if it impacts upon your ability to earn a living. Claiming compensation will stop this happening and make sure that you don’t have to keep on paying for someone else’s mistakes.

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