Arm Injury Claims

Claiming for your arm injury

Regardless of how it happened, suffering an arm injury can leave you with limited mobility and reduced independence.

It’s often not until you’ve suffered an arm injury that you realise how difficult it is to live your daily life when you’re in pain and how unfair it is to go without support, an apology and compensation for the impact it’s on your life.

If you’ve suffered an arm injury, we can help you understand whether you could make a personal injury claim for free.

We can also talk you through the next steps, including putting you in contact with an experienced solicitor and giving you a guideline figure on your compensation via our compensation calculator.

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Can you make a claim?

Of course, not everybody can claim for their arm injury, as sometimes nobody is at fault for the accident which caused the injury.

However, if you meet the following criteria then it’s likely we can help you start a case:

How to know if somebody else is at fault

In some instances, it can be difficult to know whether somebody else was at fault for your accident, particularly if it happened at work or while you were alone. However, even in cases where nobody was present to directly cause your accident, somebody else may still be at fault.

For example, arm injuries can often happen due to uneven paving or dangerous surfaces causing slips, trips or falls. If you slipped over in a public place due to a poorly maintained path, you may be able to make a claim against the local council or highways agency, who are responsible for maintaining that path.

To find out more about who might be responsible for your accident, click on the relevant text below:

How much compensation can you claim for your arm injury?

As each experience can vary, so can the amount of compensation. Because no two accidents are the same, it can be very difficult to give an exact figure of how much compensation you might receive for your injury before you start your claim.

However, you can be sure that your solicitor will always work get you the maximum amount of compensation possible, and to do so they’ll consider:

You can also get a guideline figure, based on your experience, using our compensation calculator.

Types of arm injuries we can help with

The severity of arm injuries can vary hugely, but they nearly always impact your ability to work, drive and enjoy your social life. In any of these cases, it’s likely we can help you claim.

However, some of the more common type of arm injuries we help people with are:

Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) can drastically affect the mobility of your wrist, hand and fingers, leaving you unable to do the simplest of daily tasks without pain.

RSI is most commonly caused by the same repetitive movements at work, such as typing, using your mouse or long periods of repeated movement.

RSI can be avoided, and your employer should take steps to make sure your workspace and work tasks are as safe as possible.

For example, if you’re suffering with RSI and you’ve not had a Display Screen Equipment assessment or been notified of the risk of RSI from a repetitive task, then you may be able to make a claim.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is where the main nerve in your wrist is compressed, which can cause daily pain and problems sleeping.

If you’re experiencing numbness or pins and needles in your wrist, then you may be suffering Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and we recommend seeing your doctor. If you’ve already been diagnosed and are unable to work as a result, then it’s likely we can help you claim.

Broken bones

Also known as fractures, broken bones in your arm can take a while to heal. During your recovery, you may be unable to drive, work, or carry out everyday tasks like writing or picking up and carrying objects.

You may also have had to pay for prescription costs or private physiotherapy. These added costs and the increased dependency on those around you can be frustrating and leave you out of pocket, as well as your family or friends who need to take time off to support you.

Contact us for free

We’re available to give you free advice about your accident and claim. If you need help, we’re ready to give it to you – but we’ll never force you into making a claim.

So, if you’re unsure whether you have a claim, what your next steps are, or how to start a case, we can help on 0800 234 6438.

Last updated on: 11th June 2019

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How Much Could You Claim?

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