Compensation for Injuries Caused by Optician Negligence

Many people are struck with terror at the thought of visiting the dentist, whilst hardly anyone views the prospect of attending an appointment at a hospital with any glee, but a visit to an optician is something which most people probably approach with a fair degree of calm. In the vast majority of cases, this is appropriate, since all that’s required is a fairly brief eye test followed by the writing up of a prescription. Opticians are only human, however, which means that sometimes things can go wrong, and the fragility and importance of our eyesight means that when things do go wrong the effects can be devastating.

When can you claim for optician negligence

If the optician you visit doesn’t deliver the level of treatment which might reasonably be expected, and this failure results in damage to your eyesight then you’ve clearly been the victim of serious negligence. If this is the case then you’ve every right to make a claim for compensation. Damaged eyesight can be both a physical and psychological problem. The physical aspects are fairly self-explanatory, but someone who can’t see as well as they used to may find themselves afflicted by feelings of depression and isolation. An injury of this kind is likely to impinge upon your social life, your hobbies and even the way in which you earn your living, and therefore it’s only fair that you should be able to make a claim for compensation against the party responsible.

The main types of optician negligence

There are a two main types of negligence where opticians are concerned. The first involves negligent examination, which covers things such as the failure to spot or diagnose a condition which then goes on to get worse, the misdiagnosis of a condition and the failure to prescribe glasses or the prescribing of the wrong lenses. The second type of negligence encountered when dealing with opticians is centred upon the treatment actually delivered. As with every other field of medicine, patients expect certain minimum standards and can suffer if these aren’t met.

Personal injury caused by laser eye surgery

The eye is an extremely delicate instrument, and so it’s vital that anyone performing a procedure on your eyes takes every care and precaution. Examples of treatments which can sometimes go wrong include cataract surgery and laser eye surgery. This latter is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to glasses and contact lenses but if mistakes are made they can lead to astigmatism, night vision defects, dry eyes and permanent damage to the vision of the patient.

DID YOU KNOW: Around 15,000 people a year in the UK undergo laser eye surgery.

Start an optician negligence claim

If you think that you’ve received negligent treatment from an optician then call us on 0800 234 6438, or submit our quick online form. Cases of this mature are amongst the most difficult to pursue due to the complex medical and anatomical factors involved. An experienced personal injury solicitor will guide you through the process, asking questions such as exactly where and when you received the treatment, what it was meant to achieve and what the effects have in fact been. If you’re awarded compensation it will be calculated by taking into account the nature and severity of your injury and then adding an amount to reimburse you for any expenses incurred or income lost.

Your eyesight is precious and so you expect a professional optician to treat it with all due care. If an optician fails in this duty then claiming no win no fee compensation is the very least you can do. It may take a long time, and no amount of money can ever replace a healthy pair of eyes, but a payment of this kind will at least be an acknowledgement that you’ve been wronged, and will help you to start rebuilding your life.

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