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Ligament and Tendon Damage

Claiming for ligament or tendon damage

Damage to ligaments and tendons can be very painful and can stop you from being able to get on with your day-to-day life.

Although some ligament and tendon injuries can heal quite quickly, others can last for a long time. If you’ve suffered from a severe injury, then you may have had to take time off work or needed surgery to help with your recovery.

On top of the physical pain of an injury, the expenses can build up to make your situation even more difficult to cope with. It’s likely your injury has also had an effect on those closest to you, and this can also feel very unfair.

An expert injury solicitor can help you get compensation for your ligament or tendon injury – they’ll make sure you’re covered for the physical pain, emotional trauma and financial impacts. To find out whether you could claim, you can get in touch with a legal adviser on 0800 234 6438 for free.

What is a tendon injury?

Tendons attach muscles to bone so that they can move. Frequent, repetitive movements can cause tendonitis, due to small tears in the tissue from overuse. Tendonitis causes pain and swelling of the tendon, and it’s common for it to affect the hands, knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders or biceps. All types of tendonitis can make it difficult for you to move around, and can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes, tendons can be ruptured or torn – this is a more serious type of injury, and often happens as a result of a sports injury. It can take a long time to recover from a ruptured tendon, and you might also need surgery.

What is a ligament injury?

Ligaments are the ‘glue’ (connective tissue) which connects bones together – when ligaments are damaged, this is often known as a sprain or whiplash. Sprains and whiplash happen when a ligament is stretched too far and damaged, and in some cases this can take a long time to recover from. ACL injuries (anterior cruciate ligament injury) are a type of knee injury that happens when the ACL is stretched or torn – this, along with many other types of leg injuries, can leave you with difficulty walking and you might need physical therapy or surgery.

Who’s responsible for your ligament or tendon injury?

You could make a compensation claim for a ligament or tendon injury if:

It can often be very difficult for you to know who’s responsible for your injury. When you get in touch with a trained legal adviser they will ask you some questions so they can let you know whether somebody else is liable. We’ve also included some common causes of tendon or ligament injuries below.

Claiming against an employer

Employers have a duty of care to make sure you’re safe in the workplace. If they fail to give you the proper training and equipment, or if they don’t carry out regular risk assessments, then you can be injured as a result.

Accidents at work can cause repetitive strain injury – which often affects the tendons in the hands. Heavy manual lifting without proper training can also cause stretched or damaged tendons in the arms or shoulders.

Accidents in public places

Slips, trips and falls in public places such as bars, restaurants, shops and supermarkets can affect tendons and ligaments in the knees, wrists and hands – especially if you reach out to try to break your fall.

You could make a claim against the business owner if they haven’t followed health and safety rules such as cleaning up spillages, keeping pathways clear of obstacles, and making sure the area is brightly lit.

Slips, trips and falls can also happen on pavements if they’re not properly maintained – cracks, potholes and uneven paving slabs can lead to serious injuries. You could make a claim against the local council if they’ve failed to repair pavements and ensure they’re safe for use.

Road traffic accidents

The sudden impact of a car accident or any other type of road accident can cause damage to the ligaments in the neck, back and shoulders – known as whiplash.

If your accident happened because of the negligence of another driver, then you could make a whiplash compensation claim to help with your recovery. You could also claim if you were injured as a passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist.

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