Hand Injury Claims

How much compensation can you claim for a hand injury?

After suffering from a hand injury, the expenses can quickly start to build up. Because so many jobs require you to be able to use your hands, you may have needed to take time off work – during this time, you might have received reduced pay or no wage at all.

That’s why our solicitors look at each case on an individual basis – we want to make sure you receive the amount of compensation you need so that you can start to get things back to how they were before your injury. This means it isn’t possible for us to tell you exactly how much you could claim, because it varies from case to case.

As well as recovering your lost earnings, our solicitors will make sure you receive the money you need to pay for any private medical treatment. They’ll also take into consideration any other expenses, such as:

For a guideline of the amount you could receive for your hand injury, visit our compensation calculator page.

Hand injuries can put your life on hold

Almost all jobs require you to use your hands – for example, if you work in an office, a hand injury can make it difficult to type. A common injury is carpal tunnel syndrome, which can be caused by repetitive work involving the wrist.

If you work in construction, it might take even longer to get back to work because of the strain you put your hands under every day. On top of everything else, it’s likely you’re unable to drive until you recover, and you may be having trouble gripping or picking up objects.

Some hand injuries can be particularly severe. For example, damage to the nerve endings in the fingertips can permanently reduce your sense of touch, making it difficult to use your hands.

Serious injuries can also have cosmetic affects – such as scarring, or amputation of one or more fingers. As your hands are visible, this can affect your confidence in the long-term.

Causes of hand injuries

Hand injuries can happen as a result of most types of accident. If your injury happened in the last three years and was somebody else’s fault, then it’s likely we can help you make a compensation claim.

Road traffic accidents

Road traffic accidents can often lead to hand injuries, especially as the driver of a car or motorcycle. The sudden impact of a collision can cause damage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the hands or wrists as you’re gripping the steering wheel or handlebars. Broken glass and debris can cause cuts and bruising, which can take a long time to heal.

Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls can cause damage to the wrists. If you land with your weight on your hands, then this can cause your wrist to bend beyond its normal range.

Hand injuries at work

All employers have a duty of care to make sure you’re kept safe while you’re at work. As part of this, they should provide you with protective gloves to reduce the chance of burns or cuts. They should also ensure that safety guards are used to avoid your hands getting caught up in dangerous machinery.

Starting your no win no fee claim

Starting a hand injury claim with us is simple – just get in touch with us for free on 0800 234 6438, and we’ll get things underway. The advisor you speak to will ask you some questions about your accident so that they can get a better understanding of what happened. They’ll then be able to tell you whether you could make a compensation claim.

When you speak to us, you’re under no obligation to go ahead with your claim. But your advisor will be able to pass you on to the right solicitor for your case, who can then run you through the next steps.

All our solicitors make personal injury claims on a no win no fee basis. This means that if your claim is unsuccessful and you don’t receive any compensation, then you won’t need to pay. If your case is successful, then you’ll pay your solicitor as a percentage of the money you receive – but you’ll know how much this will be before starting.

Last updated on: 4th December 2018

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