Personal injury lawyers

Finding the right injury lawyer for you

If you’re thinking about starting a claim, you might be feeling unsure where to get started and what type of solicitor firm to choose. There are a lot of different options, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, you also need to watch out for inexperienced or incompetent injury lawyers fighting for your claim. We’re here to let you know what to look out for, and to guide you through the process of finding the right personal injury solicitor.

What is a personal injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer (also known as a personal injury solicitor) is an accredited legal professional who’s able to represent and negotiate on behalf of people who have been unfairly injured. This means they specialise in helping people get compensation following an accident that wasn’t their fault.

An injury lawyer can also help you get the rehabilitation and medical advice you need for your recovery; and can advise you on how to protect your money, once you’ve received your compensation.

How are they different from other solicitors?

An injury lawyer specialises in helping people after they’ve been injured in an accident. This means they often work with claimants who are feeling anxious about their recovery and finances.

While other lawyers and solicitors also deal with people at times of need and vulnerability, a personal injury lawyer has the experience of helping people get access to the medical and care services they need.

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How to find an experienced specialist solicitor

There are a few ways to find out whether the solicitor you’re working with is accredited and experienced. We’ve outlined these below.

Avoid companies that use spam marketing

You should avoid starting your claim with a company that has cold called you, or sent you an email or text out of the blue.

These companies are using unethical ways to get in contact with injured people, and this behaviour may show you how they’ll treat you during your claim. This type of marketing could mean they’re simply out to make a profit on your claim, rather than keeping your best interests in mind.

You should never feel pressured into claiming

Some solicitors might try to pressure you into claiming with them – this is totally unacceptable, and you should never be lured into starting a claim with some type of gift or offer. If this happens, we’d recommend looking for a solicitor elsewhere.

When you speak to our advisors, they’ll never pressure you into starting your claim. You can rest assured that you’ll have your questions answered without having to commit to taking it any further.

Look for professional accreditations

There are several professional accreditations that can help you identify whether your personal injury lawyer is trustworthy and reputable:

The Law Society

The Law Society is the biggest organisation overseeing the work of personal injury lawyers in England and Wales (there are separate organisations for Scotland and Northern Ireland). The Law Society only provides accreditation to lawyers who uphold high standards of service and care.

The Law Society

They offer two types of accreditation awards. One that recognises personal injury lawyers who specialise in clinical and medical negligence, and another for those working within personal injury.

Law Society Accreditation

The presence of either of these two logos show that the injury lawyers in question have been accredited by The Law Society and provide an excellent service in their chosen field.

Solicitors Regulation Authority

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is the main body that regulates solicitors in England and Wales, though there are other, smaller regulators. It was created by the Legal Services Act of 2007.

All solicitors must be regulated by an approved body.

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) is a not-for-profit organisation which has been fighting for the rights of injured people for over 25 years. They’re a smaller organisation than The Law Society, but their lawyer members only practice personal injury law, and have a strict code of conduct to follow.

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

APIL’s accreditation scheme rewards injury solicitors who can demonstrate their expertise in personal injury law, so accredited lawyers should provide an excellent service.

What to expect when you speak to a lawyer about your claim

Your injury lawyer is there to guide you through the process of making a claim, and to get you the support you need during a very difficult time in your life. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have, but will never pressure you into starting your claim.

To get the best possible understanding of how they can help, they’ll need to ask you some questions about your accident and injury. But don’t worry – they’ll never ask you anything which isn’t necessary for making your claim.

Once your solicitor is confident they can help, they’ll then:

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