Ankle Injury Claims

You could make an ankle injury claim

Not only can an ankle injury stop you walking or cause you pain, you might also be faced with a long period of time off work while you recover. On top of the inconvenience of being unable to drive, exercise or spend time with your family, this can make your recovery very stressful.

Nobody deserves to suffer from an injury, and if the accident that caused it wasn’t your fault then we may be able to help you make a compensation claim.

The compensation you receive can help to cover any lost earnings, as well as other expenses such as the cost of alternative transport if you’ve been left unable to drive.

If your injury is likely to continue to affect your life in the future, then your solicitor will also take that in to consideration when putting together your case.

If you have any questions about making a claim for an ankle injury, or you’d like to find out whether you have a case, you can speak to us on 0800 234 6438 or fill your details in to one of our secure forms.

Types of ankle injuries

The ankles take a lot of weight and force when you’re walking and running, this means they’re susceptible to damage – especially if they’re twisted too far out of their normal position.

Ankle sprains and strains

Sprains happen when the ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range of motion, while strains usually happen when the muscles and tendons are pulled too far.

There are three grades of sprains, depending on how severe they are. Grade one is the least serious type and will have had very little effect on your ability to walk, whereas grade three sprains include full ligament tears that usually need surgery.

Most strains and sprains can cause swelling, pain and difficulty moving the joint.


Ankle fractures happen when any of the bones in the ankle break. This type of injury will almost always need medical treatment. It’s likely for this type of injury you’ve had to wear a cast or walk on crutches while the broken bone heals.

In some serious cases, ankle fractures can cause symptoms that can last for months after the accident– and this can have a major impact on your day-to-day life.

Causes of ankle injuries

Ankle injuries can happen at any time, and sometimes they’re completely unavoidable. But the chance of an accident happening are higher when employers, businesses and local councils fail to follow health and safety rules that were put in place to keep you safe.

For example, slips and trips can cause twisted ankles and fractures, and these can often happen at work or in public places such as supermarkets and bars.

All employers and business owners should take steps to make sure your environment is safe – this includes keeping floor areas clear of obstacles and cleaning up spillages as quickly as possible.

Ankle injuries can also happen in road traffic accidents – for example, if your ankle is caught or jolted during a crash with another vehicle. Cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians are at particularly high risk of injuries on the roads.

Can you claim on a no win no fee basis?

While researching about how to make a claim, you might have heard the term ‘no win no fee’ used. Simply put, this means that if your claim isn’t successful and you don’t receive your compensation, then you won’t have to pay any money.

Our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis, so you won’t have the added stress of being left out-of-pocket if you don’t win your case. As part of this, they’ll also protect you from hidden fees.
To be able to make a compensation claim, your injury usually needs to have happened within the past three years and have been somebody else’s fault.

Starting your claim

While you’re recovering from an ankle injury, making a claim might sound like a lot of hassle at a time when you just want to focus on getting back on your feet.

But you don’t need to worry – our solicitors will be on-hand throughout the claims process to make sure you’re properly supported every step of the way. They’ll be able to do most of the hard work and paperwork for you and will negotiate with the other party on your behalf.

To start a claim, the first step is to call us on 0800 234 6438. We’ll ask some questions about your injury so that we can understand whether it’s likely you’ll be able to make a successful claim. If we do think you can claim, we can usually pass you on to a solicitor straight away.

We take the stress out of making an ankle injury claim by making sure you’re put in touch with a trustworthy solicitor, who will be best placed to give you the support you need.

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