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Orthopaedic Injury Claims Advice

If you’re seriously injured, no matter how it happens, it can have a huge and drastic effect upon the rest of your life. Any form of injury can lead to a severe curtailment of your social life and of things like hobbies and interests. On top of this it may lessen or even completely curtail your ability to go to work and earn a living. If the injury in question was merely the result of an accident caused by genuine bad luck, or indeed your own carelessness, then the best that you can do is get on with the rest of your life whilst trying to make as full a recovery as possible. If, on the other hand, someone else was at fault, and their negligence was what brought about the accident which injured you, then you may well have a strong case to pursue a claim for compensation.

Should I make a claim if I’ve suffered an orthopaedic injury?

The idea of making a claim for compensation in the event of a personal injury is one which has sunk into a degree of disrepute in recent years. The main reasons for this are the over exaggerated promises of a few less than reputable companies, allied to a media disinformation campaign which has sought to create the impression of a ‘compensation culture’ consisting of people cashing in with spurious claims for bogus injuries. Anyone who has ever had to make an insurance claim for a legitimate loss will know just how ludicrous this concept of ‘easy money’ really is.

On the contrary, a legitimate personal injury claim is just about the only way in which the average person can hope to seek recompense in the event of having being treated negligently. The fact that such claims are pursued on a no win no fee basis means that the cost of taking action needn’t be a factor, opening justice up to all who require its’ application.

What exactly is an orthopaedic injury?

An orthopaedic injury is one which affects a persons’ joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, bones and nerves and, as that list might indicate, such injuries can be very serious in nature. Injuries of this kind can occur in a huge range of situations, from car or motorbike accidents through slips, trips, falls and accidents at work. If you suffer an orthopaedic injury then it can curtail your social life, stop you earning a living and impact hugely on the rest of your family.

Whilst many orthopaedic injuries arise following accidents, they can also come about as a result of medical negligence. Amongst the procedures which, if they go wrong, can result in an orthopaedic injury, are the following:

I’ve suffered an injury due to orthopaedic negligence, can I claim?

If you’ve suffered an injury and feel it came about following the negligence of another party, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Whether it was a relatively simple slip in a public place, or a badly handled complex medical procedure, the basic principle is the same – someone else has left you in this condition, and you shouldn’t be expected to keep on paying the price for their mistakes. If you call us free on 0800 234 6438 we’ll listen to the details of your case and state, honestly, whether it’s worth pursuing compensation. Since we operate on a no win no fee basis it simply isn’t in our interests to encourage the pursuit of lost causes, so if we say you should make a claim, you really should.

We know that making a claim can feel daunting. We're here to help with that. When you submit your details, you'll be in safe hands. Our partner is National Accident Helpline – the UK's leading personal injury service. Their friendly legal services advisers will call you to talk about your claim and give you free, no-obligation advice. National Accident Helpline may pay us a marketing fee if you decide to proceed with your case.

If you win your case, your solicitor's success fee will be taken from the compensation you are awarded - up to a maximum of 25%. Your solicitor will discuss any fees before starting your case.