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Rectal Mesh Claims

If you’ve sustained injury following a rectal mesh implant, you could be eligible to make a rectal mesh compensation claim.

Claim compensation for rectal mesh complications

Rectal mesh operations are common in the UK, with many hospitals recommending them as a treatment option for various conditions including bowel prolapse, or internal rectal prolapse. However, despite the popularity of the surgery, there are plenty of ventral mesh rectopexy complications.

If you’ve suffered injury as a result of a complication following rectal mesh implant surgery, you could be eligible to claim rectal mesh compensation. To find out more, call 0800 234 6438 and speak, for free, to a trained legal advisor who will help determine your eligibility. If they believe you have a claim they’ll pass you onto a no win no fee solicitor who will help secure the money you deserve.

What is a rectal mesh implant?

Rectal mesh implants treat severe rectal prolapse caused by weakened buttocks and pelvic floor muscles. Performed with laparoscopic tools, the surgeon places a synthetic rectal mesh into the walls of the rectum to provide additional support while maintaining normal sphincter health.

You might hear the surgery is referred to as a ventral mesh rectopexy (LVR). The surgery should support the rectum by holding it in place, but there are numerous side effects.

The implant treats varying rectal issues, including minor and full-thickness prolapses.

Minor prolapses: These occur when the rectum begins to drop, or the lining sticks out of the anus. They require immediate treatment as the condition can worsen.

Full-thickness prolapses: If the rectum comes out of the anus, it’s known as a full-thickness prolapse. Some people can push it back in, but it’s a short-term solution, and medical treatment is always essential.

Rectal mesh complications

Surgical mesh procedures can help to reduce or alleviate the recurrence of severe rectal prolapse, encourage normal physiological functioning, and bring relief to those afflicted with this condition.

Although it is an effective treatment for severe cases, numerous complications can occur, and some healthcare professionals don’t advise people of other options when treating rectal prolapse.

Common issues resulting from rectal mesh surgery include:

  • Severe and prolonged pain in the abdomen and pelvic areas.
  • The mesh erodes into the bladder, rectum or vagina.
  • Fistulas in the rectovaginal areas.
  • Nerve irritation creates long-term pain.
  • Persistent inflammation of the areas surrounding the mesh.

These complications can result in chronic pain, impacting your daily life and affecting your ability to work.

Are you eligible for compensation?

You could be eligible for compensation if you suffer health complications from medical procedures (including a rectal mesh implant). The first step is to speak to a trained legal advisor on 0800 234 6438 to discuss your health complications.

Doing this allows you to learn more about how to make a claim, and to find out if you could be eligible to begin the claims process. Also, a legal advisor will put you in touch with no win no fee rectal mesh lawyers, who will fight on your behalf to win your claim.

Gathering evidence for your medical negligence claim

If you decide you’d like to work with a no win no fee solicitor, your legal team will get to work on gathering evidence to prove you suffered an injury due to a rectal mesh. It helps to note your pain daily and any cost you incur from treating the injury.

Your solicitor will examine your medical records for complications and whether you need revision surgery. In most cases, you’ll also go to a medical assessment, and the negligent party might want you to attend one too. These assessments confirm your injuries and any prolonged complications you might experience.

Putting the case forward

When you decide to take legal action against the hospital, your lawyer handles all steps of the claims process, including calculating compensation. They’ll then put the case forward to the negligent party, and negotiations will begin.

Most claims go through the hospital’s insurance company and rarely end up in court. At the end of the day, both parties want a quick resolution, so your lawyer should be able to negotiate compensation without going to court.

Negotiating a settlement

Once both parties agree on a settlement, your lawyer will take their fee out of the payment, and you’ll receive the rest of the money. What you do with it is entirely up to you, but many people spend it on treatment or balancing their finances after time off work.

Learn more about rectal mesh claims

If you’d like to learn more about rectal mesh compensation claims, speak to a trained legal advisor today, for free, on 0800 234 6438. They’ll evaluate your case and if they believe you have a claim to make they’ll pass you on to specialist solicitors who will work on your behalf on a conditional fee basis.

You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain. Simply call 0800 234 6438 for free or fill in the form and receive a callback. You could be on your way to claiming in just a few minutes.


How much compensation will I get?

Each case is different, and numerous factors will define how much compensation you receive. Your lawyer will look at the health problems the rectal mesh caused and evaluate whether they have a prolonged impact on your life.

For example, debilitating pain that makes it challenging to work or perform daily tasks is more severe than short-term complications that heal.

It’s also important to define whether you were informed of the risks before the surgery because medical professionals should clarify what could happen after the surgery.

The best way to estimate compensation is by speaking to a solicitor.

Who can claim compensation for a rectal mesh procedure?

Rectal mesh operations are performed on women, men and even children. If your child has a procedure that goes wrong, you can claim on their behalf, or they can claim between 18-21 years old.

Adults have three years from the operation to claim, but you shouldn’t wait, as the negotiations can take a long time.

Can I claim against a private hospital?

Yes, you can claim compensation against both NHS and private hospitals. The process might differ, but medical negligence lawyers are experienced in working with NHS and private claims.

Other Important Information

*No Win No Fee

  • Although all our cases are handled on a no win no fee basis, other costs could be payable upon solicitors request. These will be fully explained to you before you proceed. Most customers will pay 25% (including VAT) of the compensation they are awarded to their law firm, although this may vary based on individual circumstances. Your solicitor may arrange for insurance to be in place for you to make sure your claim is risk free. Termination fees based on time spent may apply, or in situations such as: lack of cooperation or deliberately misleading our solicitors, or failing to go to any medical or expert examination, or court hearing.
  • *Criminal Injury Claims

  • If you want to make a claim for a criminal injury, you are not required to use the services of a claims management company to pursue the claim. You can submit your claim for free on your own behalf, directly to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (England, Wales, and Scotland) or the Criminal Injury Compensation Scheme (Northern Ireland).
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