Surgical Error Claims

Surgical mistakes can be life-changing

The weeks leading up to an operation or medical procedure can be very nerve racking – you might be worried that something will go wrong, or just feel uncomfortable at the thought of spending time in hospital.

The vast majority of surgeries go without any problems at all – almost all surgeons are highly trained, and in most cases they provide a very high standard of treatment.

But when things do go wrong, the consequences can be devastating. A mistake during surgery can cause serious injuries – and in some cases these might even be permanent.

If you or a loved one has suffered from surgical negligence, then you’re probably feeling upset – nobody expects to come out of surgery in worse condition than when they went in, and if this happened because of negligent treatment then it can be very frustrating.

Although it might seem like a lot of hassle, making a compensation claim with us is straight-forward and we try to make the claims process as stress-free as possible. The compensation you receive could help you cover the current and future costs of your injury, and any other impact your injury has had on your life or those around you.

To find out whether you could make a compensation claim, or for answers to your questions, you can get in touch with us for free on 0800 234 6438. Or, if you’d prefer, you can fill in the claim form on this page and we’ll call you back.

What is surgical negligence?

Surgical negligence is a type of medical negligence, which refers to incorrect, delayed or sub-standard surgical treatment by a medical professional.

All surgeons and medical staff have a duty of care to treat you to a very high standard – if they’ve fallen short of this mark and you’ve suffered as a result, then you may be able to make a surgical negligence claim.

Surgeons often have to work long hours, so mistakes can happen because of excessive tiredness, as well as inadequate training or even faulty equipment.

Your surgery might not have been carried out safely because of a lapse in concentration, a mistake, or incompetence of the surgeons, nurses or anaesthetists.

Surgical negligence can happen in all types of hospital or medical organisation – so you could make a claim whether you’ve been injured in an NHS hospital, private hospital, clinic or doctor’s surgery.

Types of surgical negligence injuries

Surgical negligence can cause a lot of different types of injuries – depending on the surgery you’re undergoing and any other conditions you’re already suffering from.

We’ve listed some examples of complications caused by surgical errors below:

DID YOU KNOW: Surgery was carried out on the wrong part of the body 189 times in England in the year between 1st April 2016 and 31st March 2017.

How much compensation could you receive?

As well as being physically painful and emotionally difficult to cope with, we know your injury is also likely to have had an impact on your finances. Our solicitors look at each case on an individual basis, and make sure you’re covered for the costs and affects the injury has had on your life.

Because no two cases are the same, we can’t tell you exactly how much compensation you’ll be able to receive. But you can get a guideline figure by using our free compensation calculator.

After we put you in touch with one of our solicitors, they’ll work hard to get a good understanding of what you’ve been through, so they can make sure you’re fully compensated and not left out of pocket.

For example, they’ll look to cover:

Starting a medical negligence claim might seem like an added stress at a difficult time, but the financial support can really help to reduce the impact your injury has had and can help you move on with your life.

Starting a surgical negligence claim

The first step is to get in contact with us for free on 0800 234 6438 to find out whether we think you can make a case.

We’ll ask some questions about the surgical treatment you received, and the injury or illness you’ve suffered as a result – this is so we can get a clearer idea of what happened and how it’s affected you.

If we think you can make a claim and you decide you’d like to go ahead, we can put you forward to one of our specialist medical negligence solicitors. They’ll speak to you for free and will gather some more details of your case before getting in touch with the negligent party and starting your case.

There’s no obligation to start a claim when you speak to us, so if you’re just looking for advice we can help with that too. We never use legal jargon – instead, we give clear, helpful information about what’s involved in claiming for surgical errors.

Last updated on: 11th June 2019

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How Much Could You Claim?

Does your claim qualify? Get free, no obligation advice!

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Find out how we handle your details in our privacy policy.