Can I claim against a private practitioner or just the NHS?

When medical negligence occurs, any medical practitioner, whether they are private or in the NHS can be held liable and sued for compensation.

When people hear the phrase ‘medical negligence’ their first thought is probably of the major, serious cases which tend to make the headlines – cases in which people are left permanently disabled or sadly even lose their lives. Whilst cases of this kind are clearly tragic they don’t tell the whole story. Medical negligence doesn’t have to me massively life altering to have a detrimental effect, however, since any lapse in the treatment you receive is a sever breach of trust.

In the same way, medical negligence doesn’t always need to involve a stay in or visit to a hospital. Many seemingly ‘minor’ treatments, such as cosmetic procedures or dental work can have problematic ramifications if they go wrong, and you have every right to pursue compensation whether it’s from a large NHS trust or a small private clinic. Both organisations have a duty of care to their patients and both should be expected to pay if they fail in this duty.

Medical negligence can take many forms. It could be that you have the wrong medicine prescribed, a problem isn’t spotted, a treatment is applied without the side effects being pointed out or a procedure is performed in a manner which results in injury to your person. No matter what the precise details, it’s important to gather as much information as possible pertaining to your case and to pass it all on to your personal injury lawyer.

Since any compensation awarded will be calculated to cover expenses arising from the negligence, it’s vital that you keep all records such as receipts pertaining to payments for things like medication, treatment or travel and also wage slips which will be used to demonstrate any detrimental effect on your capacity to earn a living. Taking on a medical establishment can seem daunting, but with the right help you can get the compensation you’re entitled to and complete the difficult process of making the fullest possible recovery.

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